True North Literature Program

Now Catholic schools and homeschools can read The Treasure With a Face in class using our engaging literature program. We’ve been working hard with True North Book Club to develop lesson plans so teachers don’t have to — in fact, we even provide videos that teach the lessons!

Each of the twelve lessons includes:

+Worksheets with discussion questions that help students think critically and analyze the plot, characters, and themes.

+Videos of the author of The Treasure With a Face and a literary guide answering discussion questions plus sharing author secrets and behind-the-scenes insights. Or if teachers prefer to lead the discussion without a video, they can use the answer sheets and Powerpoint slides.

+Pictures and descriptions to immerse students in the culture of ancient Israel.

+ A vocabulary sheet with fifteen words from the chapters and a video explaining the context and definitions.

+ A fun activity such as building your own Ark of the Covenant, taking a virtual walk through a 3D rendering of ancient Jerusalem, or making a cake with ingredients from the Bible.

During this time of Eucharistic Revival, St. John Paul II’s advice is more important than ever: let’s “Rekindle Eucharistic Amazement.” And let’s do it in a fun, memorable way!

Visit to find out more about the Treasure With a Face literature program.

Other Resources

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