Events for Kids

The Escape with the Ark Challenge is an escape room in which Janeen Zaio immerses young treasure hunters in ancient Israel as they solve clues, find hidden messages, and overcome obstacles in their own search for the Ark of the Covenant.

Participants experience an exciting day in the life of Eli, the hero of the adventure book The Treasure With a Face. Find out what’s in the glowworm cave! Try not to end up in the Valley of Gehenna! Use your wits to decide who to ask for directions! Hear legends about Israel’s ultimate treasure! Unlike a traditional escape room, nobody will be locked within the four walls, but the walls of Jerusalem present their own challenge!

This FREE event is designed for children ages 7-13, but children ages 5 and up can participate. Space is limited, so please reserve a spot in advance (see below for registration), and one responsible adult must be present during the entire event.

Currently we’re able to host events at locations throughout the
Southeast. If you’d like us to host one for your Catholic church, school, or homeschooling group, please email us at or reach out through the contact us page.

Let’s see where the long-lost Ark will be found!


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