Events for Kids

The Escape with the Ark Challenge is an event in which children try to solve clues and overcome obstacles as they hunt for the Ark of the Covenant. It’s like an escape room but without the walls — though you just might spot the walls of ancient Jerusalem.

Participants are immersed in the setting of the adventure book The Treasure With a Face, but this time they get to be the treasure hunters.

The event is designed for children ages 9-13, but children ages 7 and up are welcome to participate. You must reserve a spot in advance (see below for registration), and one responsible adult must be present during the entire event.

Currently we’re able to host events at locations throughout the
Southeast. If you’d like us to host one in your town, please email us at or reach out through the contact us page.

The next Escape With the Ark Challenge will be held at Pauline Book and Media Center at 243 King St., Charleston, SC on Saturday, April 2, 2022. Everyone is welcome to attend, and children ages 7 and up can participate. Please register here in advance.


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